Feldenkrais Exercises - Happy Hamstrings

This is one of the Feldenkrais Exercises involved in learning how to integrate the hamstrings in movement while softening and lengthening them.

This lesson involves rotation of the leg and crossing the mid-line. This is a way of developing control and it also helps with balance. Very gentle reaching motions with the hands as your legs are put in slightly different holding positions.

We offer this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson along with the other Exercises for the hamstrings.

  • Engage your hamstrings with a smile
  • Become fluid and natural in movement
  • Move naturally and with ease
  • Release tightness around hips and lower back
  • Reverse aging related stiffness
  • Spread this ease throughout your body

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Feldenkrais Exercises Happy Hamstrings
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If you have ever struggled with stretching your hamstrings you will love this lesson. You can integrate it just by going for a nice gentle walk afterwards.

If you engage in any sports or dance activities (or the like) it can be a good idea to imagine yourself doing some of these during the exercise.

Don't do this too much though as we are trying to repattern new movement rather than battle the pre-existing ones.

Once you have your hamstrings nice and relaxed and well integrated within your movements, it is amazing how well you feel.

Almost like you are floating on air - gliding over the terrain like a hover craft.

Often, it is only after you release the tension within your body that you realize just how tight you were.

The standards we have been duped to accept as normal are, in fact, horrendous.

Don't put up with it.

Claim your 'young' movement back now.

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