Feldenkrais MP3 Downloads

After you purchase the exercise(s) - Feldenkrais MP3 - you will receive an email with the download link(s).

To use the files:

1. Click on the download link.

2. On the download page choose 'Save to Disk'.

Choose the location where you want to place the Feldenkrais MP3 file (usually the Desktop) then start the download.

You now have a zipped file on your computer.

Unzip this to the location of your choice.

If you don't have a program to do this you can download a free tool from 7-zip that is excellent:
Download 7-zip.

You will now have the Feldenkrais MP3 file available to play on the program of yourchoice.

Feldenkrais MP3 DownloadDouble click on it to begin playing.

You will be able to play it on your desktop with any of the current audio players: Realplayer, iTunes, Windows Media Player and so on.


If you want you can transfer it to your portable MP3 player.

If you want to play the it on your CD player you may have to change the file format from MP3 to the version that works for your system (usually .wav file type) and then burn it to disk.

Buying this format saves you time as you get the product immediately, no matter where you live.

You can burn your own CD and or listen to it on your computer.

There is no postage or handling fee at all.

It is cheaper to buy as an MP3 download as it is cheaper for us to produce than a CD.

It is certainly environmentally friendly as it uses no energy other then turning on your computer.

If you have any queries regarding the MP3 directions please email us.

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