Healing through the Mind

Using the mind for health and healing allows you to influence the body in many profoundly effective ways.

Learn to recover from illnesses and unwanted symptoms.

See how others have applied their minds successfully for their own healing.

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Integrated Health

10 MP3s plus Introduction


Some of the topics covered with Integrated Health

  • Learn how your very description of health can be condemning you to advanced aging and debilitation
  • Intricate and sophisticated integration strategies so healing is going on continuously
  • Tricks and strategies for using metaphors to eliminate disease - with precision
  • How to focus directly on a part or parts of the body for real healing to occur
  • Quickly be rid of presenting symptoms like pain or nausea
  • Ways of setting up healing processes that continue even while you are asleep or distracted
  • Engage and tune your nervous system to maintain health, strength and vitality
  • How to conduct yourself around others who are ill such that you influence their healing in a positive way
  • Protect yourself agains damaging comments and attitudes from those around you
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that can result in self inflicted disease
  • Breaking habitual patterns that can keep a person enslaved by their disease
  • A broader perspective on health and how you determine your own 'health' future
  • Techniques for developing will power
  • How to deal with stress and make it useful
  • Recognizing your 'health signature' and how to change it
  • Setting up more instinctive integration practices

MP3 Downloads - Instant Access
Integrated Health

10 MP3s plus Introduction


Integrated Health is a program I developed several years ago after modeling the best health Practitioners and those who healed from life threatening illness.

I was very interested in what strategies with the mind worked and what were ineffective.

I found some remarkable similarities with those who healed and likewise between those who didn't or who struggled.

My research wasn't concerned with the primary modality of health care - naturopathy, Chinese medicine, traditional, surgery .....

Rather, all I was interested in was what were the internal mental strategies with the mind.

I spent around seven years researching and developing this model, Integrated Health.

This formed the first few years of my career in health care - from 1987 to 1994.

In 1994 I began training NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners full time and my private practice stopped being my primary mode of professional expression although I have always been in touch with this aspect - still today.

In 1997 I developed this Integrated Health model into a weekend training.

We conducted this a few times and then I recorded the information on to a Tape Set.

Keep in mind, by the time I recorded this system I was an NLP Master Trainer and brought the full force of this modality to this model.

As the internet presented more we transferred Integrated Health into MP3 format.

Like all beginnings, our first excursion into recorded products set up the ones that followed.

In other words, I became better at preparing my downloadable products in terms of how I presented the information.

This means that Integrated Health suffered in comparison in terms of the slickness of recording - some ums and ahs and repeated phrases.

This was because all I did was speak from my notes and mindmaps.

Due to this discrepancy I took Integrated Health off the market, meaning to re-record it again.

I never found the time to do this and I can't see it happening anytime soon.

Lately I have found reason to teach this to some people who are close to me, who were in need of these healing strategies.

As such, I am putting it back on the market at less than half its original price.

If I was to run another weekend training in Integrated Health I would charge $600.00 or there-abouts.

MP3 Downloads - Instant Access
Integrated Health

10 MP3s plus Introduction


My Own Story

Heart disease runs in my family. I have a genetic pre-disposition for it.

Knowing this I have always been very careful as to what I eat.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I had severe heart problems. An artery had completely closed over, another one was 60% closed and another one was 30% closed.

The artery that was blocked was in such a way that it couldn't be stented or any other angioplasty. Too high up and on such an angle that it would have caused more problems to gouge away to get into the artery.

It was also in a place that was too difficult to bypass.

The same week I found this out was the same week I found out that too many carbohydrates can cause these problems. I was being a good boy and going out and having the pasta instead of the meat. Sheesh!

These days I am much more interested in the raw food approach. I also look at other sources of heart healthy foods.

I decided to walk my talk, as I always try to.

I applied the processes within this system to clear my arteries out. I wanted it to be very gentle and gradual as the big concern here is a clot that erupts from the plaque build up.

So I set up a process that would allow for this - a gradual cleaning out over a protracted period of time.

Everything settled and a year or so later I started to have problems again - symptoms seemed to be returning - fluttering etc.

I naturally thought that I was back in trouble with my heart and you bet your life (mine actually) that I re-acquainted myself with mild heart attack symptoms.

We did another angiogram and found out the artery that was 30% blocked was now clear, the artery that was 60% blocked now had just a little bit going on and the artery that was totally blocked was now opening.

I could see it on the screen. It seemed blocked and then spurted through with each pulse beat.

I was feeling unstable as things were waking up again (my medical talk).

This then set me up to be able to pursue a more dynamic and vigorous exercise routine. I do, however, now make sure that I am on top of the signs of heart disease as I control my exercise routines.

Maybe this is relevant to you, maybe you have other reasons for exploring this system.

Either way, I sincerely hope it is useful for you or your loved ones.

MP3 Downloads - Instant Access
Integrated Health

10 MP3s plus Introduction


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