Printable Weight Loss Charts

Having your own printable weight loss charts is a major step in tracking and controlling your weight. There is something very satisfying in seeing your progress gradually unfold.Note the use of the word 'gradually'. It is very important for your body to adjust to your changing circumstances as you go.

Feldenkrais Connected HamstringsYou can use these charts as part of your ongoing maintenance for the rest of your life.

Imagine being a master of excellent health.

  • Track your improvement
  • Develop confidence
  • Take an holistic approach
  • Form life long discipline
  • Your life on your terms
  • High level awareness and progression
  • Discover the power of focus

Charts spread over 4 weeks

I have prepared these printable weight loss charts to each cover a 4 week period.

I believe this is the best time period to both notice nice changes as well as keep a healthy focus on a reasonable rate of progress.

Each chart has a new starting weight and a new target weight.

Be sure to choose a moderate to low range. The outcome is to develop and maintain excellent health - not unleash an avalanche of toxins and instability into your system.

I recommend 3 - 4 kilograms (6 - 8 pounds) over the 4 week period. If you wish to check this further seek good medical advice.

When you study people who master their chosen occupations and skills they invariably progress steadily, incrementally and for a life time. Each phase of development tends to be from a certain level to a connected level. They don't get there in one massive hit. Make your health the same target zone.

The real benefit of these printable weight loss charts is that they provide you with a way to develop life long discipline and awareness.

Key Variables

These printable weight loss charts enable you to track the following variables:
(All these are to be entered at the end of the week).


Body Mass Index (BMI) indicator of how much fat you are carrying

Waist / Hip Ratio
....very important as an indicator of health

Weight Loss / Gain much you have gained or lost over the last week

Chest (measurements)





Days exercised this week
....must be sessions of 30 minutes or more.

Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you use pounds and inches...

BMI Calculation....if you use kilograms and meters

Example 1.

You weigh 125 pounds.

You are 5 feet 5 inches tall: 65 inches.

Multiply 65 by 65 = 4225

Divide 125 pounds by 4225 = 0.0296

Multiply 0.0296 by 703 = 20.8

This person has a BMI of 20.8

Example 2.

You weigh 73 kgs.

You are 1.74 meters high.

Multiply 1.74 by 1.74 = 3.027

Divide 73 kgs by 3.027 = 24.1

This person has a BMI of 24.1

Download Free Printable Weight Loss Charts

I have prepared these charts in 2 different formats for you.

To download as a PDF Document click here.

To download as an ODT Document (Open Office) click here.

I hope you like these charts and find them useful.

I will be preparing quite a few others as well.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see included let me know. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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